Keeping it light

■ My superpowers (YES, WE ALL HAVE THEM) include being highly intuitive and deeply sensitive

■ I am deeply fascinated by the mystery of Life and consider myself to be a life long student


■ I have lived in 6 countries: Kenya, where I was born and raised; India, where I went to boarding school; Spain, where I started my university degree; England, where I completed my degree; South Africa, where I discovered the world of transformation and Germany, where I currently live.


■ I am a wife and together my husband and we parent our beautiful daughter


■ Dogs rather than cats. I have 2.


■ I have a penchant for brightly coloured scarfs and notebooks (the writing kind)


■ I prefer handwritten over typed


■ I tend to be introverted, an INFJ on the Myers Briggs scale and won an award in my childhood, for “coming out of my shell” 


■ I have been known to jump out of planes for fun


■ I am an avid cook, yet my baking skills are limited to ‘out of the packet muffins’


■ As part of a side hustle, while building my business, I taught English as a Second Language to Adult Learners across Germany.