Ushmi Dosaja Meditating
The she of who I'm becoming
beckons, yet the lucidity
of her invitation is obscure
so I shall drop softly into her
mystery, and let the curiosity 
of my enchantment, seek her
into form.



About Me

The work I do helps you navigate the liminal space between who you are and who you are being called to become.

I came to this work unknowingly.


The end of a marriage at 26 would shatter my version of normal. The rug of certainty unceremoniously pulled out from under my feet and in its place a holy unravelling of the threads of all that I took to be true.

These were disorienting times. Lonely times. Fearful times. Up until then I had only lived the macros of my Life in the way good Indian girls are socialised to.


Get an education. Marry the suitable bachelor. Get a job & have children. And while there was nothing wrong with that, divorce wasn't a signpost on my map. Navigating it wasn't a journey I knew how.

In hindsight being thrust into the unknown with my sense of self loosened was a gift that would set me on an exploration of how to create my own life path. Where I continue today, to learn who I am beyond the status quo and how to create the life of deep authenticity I have always desired.


It’s been 17 years since then.



And what I know for sure is beyond the uncertainty, chaos and pain of all of

life’s endings is the opportunity to create ourselves and our lives anew. 

Yet how do we way-find when the life and person we once knew ceases to exist and the one that is coming into existence is not yet clear?

We seek stillness. We go inward and let the answers that are unique to each of us reveal themselves as the path less travelled. We gather our superpowers of creativity, intuition and authenticity, knowing this is our potency that we are being asked to own.


We become willing.


Willing to write the new story that crosses the threshold between "the no-longer and the not yet".

This is my passion. 
The writing of these new stories. 

Stories that are formed when we dare to ask bigger questions of ourselves.

Prompting us to weave new life narratives that stem from our curiosity not our conditioning. 

Stories that pay heed to our magnificence, knowing that despite our trauma, pain and wounded-ness we are not broken and there is nothing to fix.

Stories that reveal our presence as our power, knowing that impact and contribution are revealed as much through who we are as through what we do.

Stories that emerge when we take heed of the visions and dreams we hold for our lives and the world and allow them to light us from within.

Stories that ultimately prioritise our power over our pain and our joy over our suffering, asking us to do the inner work it takes to get there, dissolving layer upon layer of who we are not so we can blossom into who we truly are.

As a Coach

Certification & Training

I've been coaching since 2012. This is some of the training that supports my work.


Certified Practitioner & Master Neuro Linguistic Programming

Eriksonian Hypnotherapy & Energy Re-Sourcing 

Transformation & Quantum Coaching - The Visionary Network 

BA (Hons) Communications & Creative Studies 

Currently studying - Diploma in Psychology & Counselling 

I also bring deep empathy, transformational seeing, energy awareness, compassion, warmth and a bit of humour to all my client relationships.

As a Writer

In 2o2o I self-published my first book of poetry, Bloom in your Own Time.

My art became my medicine when I learned to use it to express the deepest parts of me. The parts anchored in both the beauty of life and the enigma of the human condition.


I write to heal. I write to imagine. I write to dream into being the self that exists beyond the confines of my conditioned mind. The energy in the words always illuminating my truth: a deep held knowing that we are so much more magnificent than we think we are. 

You can read more about my poetry here.

Poetry book in Paris

On a personal note

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya to parents of Indian heritage I am a 'third culture kid' who currently lives in Germany.


Having lived in six countries since the age of 14 I find it difficult to call a single place home & tend to define my sense of belonging not by place but by alignment to my truth. A felt sentiment of security in how I live and who I choose to be.

After a successful career in sales and project management I left the corporate world in 2012. Driven by my belief in human potential and our ability to create the right physical, emotional and spiritual environments to help us supercede our perceived limitations I have been life coaching ever since. I have also taught English as a Second Language to adult learners in blue chip organisations.

When not coaching and writing you will find me being mum to a five year old who I co-parent with my former partner. My superpowers include being highly intuitive and deeply sensitive. I have a penchant for brightly coloured notebooks and prefer handwritten over typed. Also, I'm more team dog than cat & I love Marmite.

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