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I'm Ushmi



& to create that world, we need visionaries, creative change-makers and way-showers like you, so fully aligned to your message that nothing stops you from sharing it.

Because you know your message not only matters, but is crucial.

It’s your part to play in the evolution of our collective thinking and you’re willing to authentically share it as far as it will reach. 
Which is why you want to capture it in a book. 

My story
Ushmi About jpg

A humble beginning 

The floating snowflakes melt on my cold office window warmed by the heating beneath it. Their rhythm transporting my disengaged self to the day dream of a life still so far away.

A dream that I can only catch in stolen moments like these. Sitting at my desk, a necessary pause in the monotonous day of the corporate bunny I am. 

"I'm going to share my words with the world one day" I secretly confess to a colleague in a Skype chat I shouldn't be having. It's a dilettante writer's dream, but one that feels uncannily real.

My colleague answers immediately. It seems she's as disengaged as I am, 'and the world will be lucky to read what you have to say,' she writes.

I smile, thank her and we both go back to our tasks at hand. Me slightly floatingly. Sowing in this moment, the seed of the call to write my first book.  A call I would only heed six years later, having left the world of corporate and established myself as a Transformational Life Coach.

Meeting the Muse

It's 2018. After two years of maternity leave, I'm ready to go back to my coaching business.


But I have changed.


No longer a maiden, motherhood has brought out in me a deeper desire to make my world different.

I cannot find my feet. I'm still reckoning with the shifts my identity has gone through.


And mostly, I'm tired. Disillusioned.


So I sit, pen to paper and write a question down. The existential kind.

“Ushmi, who are you in your wonder?”

Desperately, I want to know myself beyond what I already know. And it seems there are forces inside me that want me to know this too.

For the question sparks embers of alchemy in the ethers and words begin to flow.

Ushmi Flowers

First as ideas knocking at the periphery of my consciousness, asking to be let in. Eventually formed into poems I didn't know I could create.
For two years the words come like this. Spilling out on to paper, transforming me, my disillusionment and my fears as I go along.

I didn’t write the poetry in my book from my mind. I wrote it from my wise. 
Who danced me into a co-creation of possibility. A co-creation that viscerally changed my experience of myself and introduced me to my whole self. And to me that is the ultimate power of creation. 
If we allow it, what we are called to create, creates us magnificently in return.

Ushmi Joy

The Fear

I am terrified the poetry in my book will trigger people. Especially those who have known only past versions of me.

I imagine them sniggering at my writing over an evening drink, facetiously undermining the mystic tone the poems are laden with.

I am afraid they’ll dispute my authority to write in such a way.

After all, the me they have known: rebellious, wild, potty-mouthed, is light-years away from the more reverent person I have become.

Ravaged by self-censorship, I start writing and stop writing and start writing and stop writing.

The hip-in and hop-out of the state of presence required to sustain my word flow becomes an uncomfortable dance.

A dance, I now know writer’s waltz with far too often. Who do I think I am? Can I really write that? Maybe I should change it?

All valid questions.

But none that require the taming of my written truth in an effort to answer them.


Meet Ushmi

If I had known our childhood passions are the portal to our adulthood professions, I’d have understood my nerdy obsession with Roget’s thesaurus and the weird habit I had of reading the encyclopaedia before bed could be pointing me to a life working with the wisdom of words. 

But I didn’t.
Instead, I travelled an eclectic career path.

Looking for purpose in many things but not fully finding it any.​

Ushmi in the sand

It wasn't until my early 40's that I was able to connect my career dots.


In my 20's: the strategic project manager who successfully led her sales team to their first ever seven-figure quarter.


In my 30's: the soulful life coach who saw possibility where others saw problem


In my 40's: the mystic poet turned self-published author, the English teacher....


....and the little girl who loved words were the chapters of my story that when put together, have become the foundation I employ in my work as a book coach.

It’s using this foundation, that I’ve designed my signature pathway to writing a book: The Brazen Book Approach.
The approach offers a one of a kind combination that caters to the emotional, energetic, creative and structural know-how that is required to take an aspiring author from doubtfully dabbling in their book writing to assuredly done.

So you too can piece together your story and impart the meaningful, hard-earned wisdom you are being called to share. 

start your book journey here


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