Coach with me

The Discovery Call

Successful coaching relationships are co-created through resonance. Named or unnamed but always felt.

Before we enter into the coaching relationship I offer a discovery call for us to sense whether our energy and values are in alignment. 

When this alignment is present, it allows for a magical kind of co-creative alchemy to occur and facilitates the perfect environment for transformation to unfold.

This call is non- binding, lasts 30 minutes and can be booked here.

Our work together

The Coaching Experience

At the heart of my work is the energy of emergence. ​

When you align with it, you uncover the deeper purpose hidden in your transitional moment,  while simultaneously holding the space for a new sense of self to emerge beyond the learned behaviours, thoughts and patterns that may keep you from experiencing its full potential.

 Although coaching with me is fluid & in response to your specific circumstances, the following themes are often explored when I work with clients.

Navigating Transition with Ease

Big life transitions provide fertile ground for growth & expansion but also resistance. We will explore your relationship with change & turn it into something to get excited about so you can trust the energy of emergence & align with your own becoming.

Re-igniting Creativity 

During times of stress, access to our creative minds can feel constricted or even non-existent. We will understand the nature of your current relationship to your creative energy & create new systems & structures that will put you back in flow & allow creativity to flourish.

Re-storying Narratives

The cultural, societal & familial narratives we inherit shape the way in which we perceive ourselves & our reality. We will examine the dominant narratives of your Life and how they affect your ability to thrive - discarding what does not work in favour of creating new stories that are true to you at your core.

Embodying your Authentic Self

Your authentic self is the part of you that exists beyond the confines of your conditioned mind. With powerful questioning, energy work & conscious breath-work we connect with this part of you, so you can have access to the inner solutions, creativity & healing you need to thrive.

Be-friending the Unknown

When nothing is sure everything is possible. Together we will learn how to befriend the unknown and use it as the platform from which to deepen your connection to the purity of the now moment, where all possibilities lie dormant, waiting for you to action them into form.

Refining your Relationship with your Emotions

When we work together we relate to all emotion as energetic signals from which we can extract information about the different parts of us that are at play in creating our reality. In doing so we heal and are more at choice as to how we want to feel and what we want to experience.

Work with Me

There are 2 ways you can work with me.


Individual Coaching Journey

Individual online coaching journeys of either 6, 12 or 24 sessions where we coach together a minimum of two times a month. 

This format allows us to dig deep and gives you the time to integrate, embody and actualise the potential inherent in the transition you are going through.

Sessions are 60 minutes and will take place online via Zoom. You will also have email access to me in between calls. 

Single Consultation

Part life coaching, part wisdom sharing this is a 1.5 hour consultation session where we will zone in on a single presenting challenge in your life. 

This session is designed for you if you are not yet ready to enter into a longer coaching relationship but want focused support around a specific situation.

This consultation is 90 minutes long and will take place online via Zoom. You will also have email access to me for up to two weeks after our call.


"Ushmi, in contemplating our journey over the past few weeks, I feel words are inadequate. I came to you knowing there was something to discover, to uncover and to explore. The support and nurture I sensed from the very first call gave me courage and a feeling of excitement.  The transformation and change has been so easy, effortless and empowering.  I no longer feel any urgency or neediness and there is peace and acceptance I have never experienced before. My growth is a journey & I have learnt to enjoy the ride while leaving anxiety behind." E.Oliver. New Zealand