Make Space for Magic

My Inner Journey:

Being deeply passionate about creating a Life that stems from soul, I have come to understand that the potency of the wonder within guides us to know ourselves as far greater than we imagine ourselves to be, breaking through the constructs and labels of who we have been told we can be and catapulting us onto the throne of our inherent magnitude.

It is this magnitude that allows us to create a Life of meaning and contribution as we brazenly step into our power, inherent radiance and genius self expression, creating the unique imprint on the world that we know we are here to make.

My journey began in my mid - twenties; where the end of a marriage and a battle with depression would begin a holy, only in hindsight, unravelling of the fabric of who I thought I needed to be and set me on the exploration of how to create my own aligned Life path, where I continue to learn who I am beyond her status quo and how to create the Life of deep soul authenticity that I have always known is possible.

And while the exploration continues, this is what I know for sure:

There is an insatiable field of wonder within us that wants to be known, a potent flame, that exists beyond the boundaries of what we may have been told it means to be human.


It is unique to each of us and shows up as our creative impulses, the visions and dreams we hold for our world, and the small nudges that ask us to consider that there may be more to what we are living; a kind of magic disguised as the superpowers inherent in the expression of our bliss, radiance and joy, calling us to do the work it takes to get there, dissolving layer upon layer of who we are not, into the blossoming of who we truly are.

The question therefore has never been about our wonder, but instead our willingness to step into it and let it inform who we are here to be.

My Work:

For the last 7 years I have worked as a coach, teacher and trainer across 3 different industries. As a coach, I am trained and certified in the modality of Holistic Neuro-Linguistic Programming (2010) as well as Transformation and Quantum Coaching by Soleira Green of The Visionary Network (2013 & 2018-2019). I have also studied Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and Energy Re-Sourcing and hold a BA (Hons) in Communications and Creative Studies. 


Coupling my training with my deep intuition, ability to presence the being that exists beyond our conditioned mind and the quick recognition of the energetic patterns that keep us from stepping into our full power, I am able to champion my clients to create a deeper and more aligned sense of self through sustainable transformation and expansion into greater levels of being. In turn allowing for their own genius self expression and luminosity to shine through. 

I fiercely believe in the inherent wonder of all humans (although not all humans choose this), and this belief is a key motivator in why and how I do what I do.

I work with the creatives, the unrealistic ones, the ones who innately know that the path less travelled is more than a poem, but a way of being spurred on by the unfurling of our inner god~ness, and support you on your journey, in ways that allow you to feel empowered in the bold expression of who you truly are.


To find out more about how I work, click here. Or read more about me here.