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my story

Every journey starts with a call. 


Mine began in my mid - twenties (I am now 40), where the end of a marriage and a battle with depression and anxiety would begin a holy, only in hindsight, unravelling of the fabric of who I thought I needed to be in order to have a life well lived.

Years spent ticking boxes and managing expectations meant I never questioned my own desires. Until, I had done everything I thought I needed to do and happiness, purpose and meaning still escaped me. 

So, I was forced to start asking bigger questions and begin playing with what it would mean to create my life based on what I wanted. 

And as I started to take steps to realise those wants, the synchronicities started to appear,  and a life path far different than what I had ever imagined started to present itself to me. 

Jobs were changed and countries were moved.  I started feeling alive again.

Yet, I was still colouring inside the lines and continued to be pulled by a sense of more-ness for myself and my life. This culminated in me leaving the corporate world of work in 2012, to set up my own coaching and training business.

My dream has always been to be of service,  as if it were part of the stuff that creates my DNA.


I want to give back to the world - through my coaching and writing, I do this.

What I have learnt over these past years is that the path of a dreamer is not a linear one. 

Nor is it solely strategic.  

It asks that we combine logic with creativity.  Pay attention to our intuition.  And always be wiser than our patterns. 

Like a beautifully crafted story, we learn to surrender and allow it to take us where it wants to go. 

Ultimately, it is a journey of the heart back to the heart.

And while my journey continues, this is what I know for sure:

There is a potent flame within us that wants to be known, one that exists beyond the boundaries of what we may have been told it means to be human.

It is unique to each of us and shows up asking to be expressed as our creative impulses or through the visions and dreams we hold for our world.


It authors the  small nudges that ask us to consider that there may be more to what we are living.


And wants of the magic inherent in the expression of our bliss, radiance and joy.


Calling us to do the work it takes to get there, as we dissolve layer upon layer of who we are not, into the blossoming of who we truly are.

my work

As a coach, I have been trained and certified in the modality of Holistic Neuro-Linguistic Programming (2010).


I have also trained in Transformation and Quantum Coaching with Soleira Green of The Visionary Network (2013 & 2018-2019) and studied Eriksonian Hypnotherapy & Energy Re-Sourcing. I have a BA (Hons) in Communications and Creative Studies.

Coupling my training with my deep intuition, ability to presence the being that exists beyond our conditioned mind and the quick recognition of the energetic patterns that keep us from stepping into our full power, I am able to champion my clients to create a deeper and more aligned sense of self. This results in sustainable transformation and expansion into greater levels of being. In turn, allowing for their own genius self expression and luminosity to shine through. 

I fiercely believe in the inherent wonder of all humans (although not all humans choose this), and this belief is a key motivator in why and how I do what I do.

I would love to know, what are your dreams and are you living them?


Find out more about how I work here. Or read more about me here.