• Ushmi Dosaja

Poem: Are you willing to receive The Gift of Me?

Today I gift you

The gift of my presence

You may do with the gift as you please

You may tear it open

Like a child with wide-eyed glee

Or you can leave it on the doorstep

It will not bother me

If you choose to open the box

Here’s what you will see

You’ll find me in my truth

In my authenticity

I’ll sit there with my flaws

My imperfections on show

Dig deeper though

And I’ll start to glow

I may talk of things you are yet to perceive

I may even ask you to grieve

The loss of who you were

To who you've become

I’ll shine so bright

It may set you free

Or it may make you afraid

Of what you can be

Whatever you choose

A gift is a gift

So for today

I give you me

And set my wonder

On fire and free.

- Ushmi Dosaja

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