• Ushmi Dosaja

Poem: I choose wonder

As seen on The Urban Howl.


One Life That’s all I have Forgive me If you sense an urgency In my will to live Wonderfully For with each day I have a day less Leaning in To the greatest gift I have Choice My power of discernment Over how I live this Life Unapologetically I become aware I could choose to fight Already broken systems And add more fuel To the fire I could choose to work On wounds And succumb To my not good enough I could choose to live From fear And give in to limitation Or, I could choose To sing my own song Greeting each moment As new Bereft of old stories And pains Slowing down time And infusing it with wonder A child like awe And a heightened curiosity Unafraid to ask The questions That open new portals Of perception Infinite pathways That lead me To the moreness Of what is possible For me, for you And beyond So I choose wonder Over fear And worry And all else That causes me To contract Making me small And limiting My power As it is from here I am certain I can be And we can Create The world We adore to live in.

Written by Ushmi Dosaja ©

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