Musings: May 2019 see you rise.

While the year has turned and many are in full swing, having defined their goals, their words and all their wishes for 2019, I find myself easing into the newness, still unravelling some of the more potent energies of 2018 and allowing myself to slowly fall forward into what promises to be another electric three sixty-five.

2018 was a year of magic.

After having spent 2016 and 2017 embraced in the throes of pregnancy and new motherhood, 2018 was, as I look back in my journal, ‘the year I blossom’.

And blossom I did. As a flower in springtime, petal by petal, I began to unfurl into more of my Godness.

Sunflower in bloom
The Art of Emergence. I unfold one petal at a time.

As a mother, I learnt that the key to parenthood (for me, right now) lies not in the books I read or in the brand of the prams I push, but in the connection I am able to develop with my child. And this connection is fostered in the knowing, first and foremost, that my child is already a vast and whole human being who has as much to teach me as I have to teach her.

For me, I heeded the call. The desire for the more-ness of who I can be. I said yes to being a steward for the evolution of Life and committed to the becoming and un-becoming of both who I am and who I am not. I partnered with wonder and l learned to only seek movement in Life that is aligned with the depths of my soul.

For many, this sounds like woo, for me, this is the natural progression of someone who knows that we are so much more than we think we are and that when we lend ourselves to that possibility, Life ceases to be a push and pull and more an emergence of goodness and meaning.

So in 2019, I commit further to the unfurling. With the will to live a life of mastery made visible and the desire to let the unseen surprise me.

May your 2019 see you walk in your own wonder.

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