• Ushmi Dosaja

Poem: Crumble, then Create

I know what is happening

As I watch

The structure of the worlds

I have built


Architecture rendered finely

From the limited mind

That to the beholder

Not akin to see beyond

They are beauty

Carefully crafted walls

Of gold filigree

Now too delicate

To confine

Wings that want

To spread

Unravelling meaning

Upon meaning

And throwing

It onto the fire

Where illusion

Is sent to burn


That this knowing


A sultry refuge


In the faint glow

Of the radiance

I can already see

That was


Of the other side

The smouldering remains

Of the heavy

Transmuted into light

Permeating each crack

Of these crumbling walls

As they fall

Of their own accord

Making room

From the rubble

For the vastness

From which

I will build


Written by Ushmi Dosaja

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