• Ushmi Dosaja

Poem: Meaning & Contribution

There is a woman I know Meaning and contribution Are her great desires Yet, as time would have it She has come to believe In thoughts That lend her to conform To disregard the yearnings That are the callings of her soul

She wasn’t always like this She’s just forgotten Her true nature Dumbing it down to fit in To a world she didn’t belong But now, something is changing Her heart is stirring She doesn’t know what it means Or… she does And can no longer pretend Her truth is not calling Bellowing at her to expand To let go and step in To the wonder of who she is

So, for just one moment Deafened by the call She dares to transcend The stories that she allowed To keep her comfortable In the discomfort Of inauthenticity And in just that moment (For that is all that it takes) She transforms And sees herself anew In a glow so splendid That she cannot go back To the cacophony of sounds That was her Life

She is whole She is harmonious With no energy to spare On making herself small She allows a new melody To form A song that is attuned To the rhythm of her wonder One that sings of her potency And that of all women divine For in its lyric It now holds the invitation Not only for her but For all Of us to shine

Written by Ushmi Dosaja ©

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