• Ushmi Dosaja

Musings: Share your sovereign voice

It’s hard to believe it’s May already. Five months into the year and largely I cannot account for time, yet I know that the last five months have been of incredible expansion, the continued shedding of the old so we can step boldly into the new of who we are being asked to become.

Personally, this has meant spending a lot of time traversing my deep inner in search of the stories I hold on to that keep me captive and being in ways that no longer serve me.

And of these stories what has come to light is a deep held fear I have about sharing my voice.

My sovereign voice. The voice of me. The one that sings of and from my heart and while my poetry allows me to do this in this sphere, I know that there is so much more value of me to share.

You see what I have learnt is somewhere along the journey of Life I began to (as I believe many of us do) hush the parts of my voice that didn’t seem appropriate or in line with what was expected of me and replace them with a more well rounded version of my song.

Leaving me in essence, silenced.

And we do this to ourselves, in a bid to be liked or to try and fit in, or perhaps in efforts to be less or more than who we are, we begin to mould our voice into one that echoes of sameness.

We buy into the illusory perfection of a socially accepted life, forgetting that our divinity lies in our humanity.

We trade truth for niceties and mistake small-talk for meaning. We silence the soul, disown our messages and rob existence of the very gifts we have been encoded with to give to this world.

I believe sharing our true voices is paramount to creating the change so many of us yearn to see in the world and while what that looks like will be unique to each of us, the underlying commitment remains to our authenticity and its evolution.

So, that’s my invitation to both you and me: to thread more soul into our voices, even if it just whisper by whisper and allow them to weave themselves into the thunderous presence of who we are.

Written by Ushmi Dosaja ©

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