• Ushmi Dosaja

Musings: The Radiant God~Force Manifesto

New Perspectives, New Earth

The work I have been doing for the last few years has really been about elevating consciousness, and I do that partly by becoming an embodiment of the elevation that I seek to see. How this occurs can be moment to moment but also as a complete letting go who of I think I am in allowance of the becoming and being who I am being called to be.

So, a few weeks ago when during my morning meditation, the question ‘How willing are you to live as the radiant God~Force you are?’ came up for me, I was eager to allow the unfolding of the possibilities this inquiry would hold for the becoming of me/us into more.

And what I have learned from this inquiry, we, the collective called humanity are rising into completely new ways of being. Ways that stem from our god~ness (read, super source power, or any other term that describes our inherent magnitude) rather than our perceived smallness.

Personally, it is an honour for me to be part of such a revolution in consciousness, with that in heart, I share with you the Radiant God~Force Manifesto, derived from my personal understanding of who we are becoming. --------------------------------------


As a Radiant God~Force, we assume our place in the matrix of Life without apology or diminution, fully owning the I am of that with the knowing that as we do we become the fortifiers of Life for all. We inhabit new states of being, elevated that they no longer support the framework of limiting patterns of behaviour and the beliefs that fuelled them.

We become creators of the magnanimous kind. Unattached and without agenda we are spurred on by Life to create for the whole, with the understanding that each action we take ripples out into the field with the power to enhance or destroy. Our hearts become drenched with appreciation knowing that this, right here, right now, the ability to source life in grandeur is both a birthright and a privilege. Our bodies become known as the temples that house our souls as we learn to source their vibrancy and return to the perfection of their innate design. Our homes become portals of beauty mirroring the grand make-up of this planet we have come to know as home. Our relationships become playgrounds of expansion. Heightened connection, that allows us to hold others in wonder. Gifting them our magnificence as we learn to receive theirs. Our minds no longer bound by logic and linearity, become fertile gardens of curiosity and awareness, refreshed soil unencumbered by the old and ripe for the seeds of new intelligence to grow their fruit. Our jobs become spaces of contribution, where stand in our truth, understand our value and are not afraid to give of it. We hold our children as the bringers of the new, teachers, the pointers of what is possible when we drop our armour and choose to live as we were born. We become masters of elevation holders of power not of dominion but of vibrant goodness that stands for the exquisite wonder of all.

And it truly is so.

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