• Ushmi Dosaja

Poem: What turns you on my wild?

So, I spoke to wonder today About a particular challenge I see I am still colouring inside the lines, I said And that’s not how I want to be

I want to live at the edge, I proclaimed This is where I am most free And with a wry smile she turned her gaze And asked so beautifully

What turns you on, my wild? What makes you come alive? Why, my darling, are you here And what makes you thrive?

Questions so broad and wide I push lacy pants and bras aside There must be something else, I guess That meaningfully affects my stride

I told her But it took a moment to dare I think it’s in my vulnerability Within the stories I want to share

It is in the connection of a sister When we realise we both are one When we understand there is no fight Or prize to be won

It’s in that place I recognise you Like a long lost love returned It’s in the lessons of the pain The ones that needed to be learned

It’s in the unveiling of my truth And the essence of my thought It’s in the uncovering, the unravelling Of every lie I’ve bought

It’s in the knowing, oh wonder That I may have been blind to see

That you, my saviour, Are always dancing with me

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