• Ushmi Dosaja

Poem: When women & wonder remerge

When women and wonder remerge

Our hems come undone

As we split at the seams

Bursting with the buoyancy

Of our inherent radiance

Worth ceases to be the question

That exiled us From the glory

Of our own magnificence

As we hold the knowing

That our true power lies

In the seeds we choose to sow

To decorate our garden

When women and wonder remerge

The veils of perfection

Burn from our guise

And in their wake

Ignite trails of authenticity

As we seek to remember our own

And demand the same from others

When women and wonder remerge

The world is born anew

As we burst forth our callings

Carrying in our hands

The staff of transcendence

That with the touch of grace


All who walk in our path.

Written by Ushmi Dosaja ©

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