To what do we awaken, if it is not to the wonder within?

This collection of poems is a series of invitations to look at life with jewelled eyes – eyes that perceive multiple layers of reality and witness incredible depths in one’s self where magic lies hidden.

-Santari Green, Author & Modern Day Wizard

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"Bloom, In Your Own Time" is available for purchase on Amazon, in both Kindle and Paperback formats. 


You can order the book here: (Germany) (US) (UK) (France) (Canada) (Italy) (Australia) (India)


There are also a limited number of signed copies available.

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I have just finished reading the book … and I didn’t want the experience to end! These poems touch your spirit and activate it to take flight into the unknown, that with no name, the more of you… the true of you. Touching, heart lifting beauty which inspires and delights! I know where I'll be going whenever I need to re-connect. Congratulations Ushmi!” - Ushma Patel, Creator of IIOII

This woman’s poetry is amazing as it speaks right to the heart. - Nancy Serpless, Australia

These poems of Ushmi’s could be seen as a gift of grace specifically given for our time. Her poems, like those of other great mystical poets, illuminate the creative potential of a new world of wonder so full of magic and Light it may seem more like a fairy tale than anything we have ever even imagined.

- D. Peckinpah, USA.

Whether you are longing to lounge and immerse yourself in liminal words, or are itching for an inspirational interlude, Bloom in your Own Time, by Ushmi Dosaja is a book to treasure.

- G.D. Harding, Author, Beyond the Infinite Doorway

Bloom, in your time, is such an inspiring piece of work and creative thoughts.....every time I pick up the book it sends a cold shiver down my spine!!! 

- R. Dosaja, Kenya