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Ushmi loves writing

Writing a book is more than putting one word after the other

It's about deliberately crafting those words and supporting them with structure.

It's about understanding your reader and marrying that with your soul's wisdom.

It's about loving the creative journey and making sure you are well resourced. 

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This work is for you if :


You recognise the immense value of having your message out in the world and are no longer willing to ghost the call of writing your book.


You value quality and recognise feedback and editing are an essential part of the book-writing process.


You're willing to identify and work with the  narratives that stop you from fully writing & sharing the book you are being called to write.


You want to use your book as a means to further your impact, build community & reach new audiences.


You're willing to trust your book and express yourself wholly so you write what wants to be said even when it feels hard.


You want intimate and personalised support to accompany you on your journey from book idea(s) to manuscript completion. 

Work with me

Ways we can work together

Whether you're in the start-writing, stop-writing cycle, staring at a blank page,
ready to get your book done or need clarity and polishing on your book ideas,
I've got you covered. 



If you’ve been looking for a way to co-creatively transform your non-fiction book ideas from frustratingly uncertain and not quite landed to yes! my manuscript is done, Spellbound, my one-to-one 9 month transformational book coaching program is for you.

Poetic Medicine

Poetic Medicine, my one-to-one 6 month book coaching program is for you if you want co-creative support to birth a collection of transformative poetry into the world. One that weaves your wisdom into a soulful companion for others on a life changing journey similar to yours.

If you want help before the publishing bit to make sure your book is brilliantly written & matches your high standards when it comes to quality, I would talk to Ushmi.


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