And I do not mean, be more in terms of bigger, better, best.


I mean truly BE more, expanded from the core of our being, so we can turn up our vibrancy, claim our superpowers, invite in our brilliance and express our genius, to create a world that works for all.


When we work together, this question lies at the foundation of all we do.  


It is a playful invitation that asks to look at ourselves and our lives beyond the level of problem and instead at the level of contribution.


By following the energy and asking the right questions, you are led to:


  • dissolve old stories and patterns that stop you from moving forward in your Life

  • stop the emotional rollercoaster and become a master at using your e~motions as the creational power they are intended to be

  • befriend your shadow sides and ignite your inherent radiance

  • move beyond self doubt and second guessing and foster an intimate connection to divine intelligence as well as your own innate wisdom (your personal GPS)

  • define your creative dreams and visions and have you step boldly into their expression

  • find and fine tune your sovereign voice in the world 


This work is uniquely designed for each individual and does not follow a linear framework.


It comes from you & the space we create to open portals of awareness, from which you can take inspired and bold new action.

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What if everything in our lives is an invitation to be more?

"Ushmi is an amazing coach with the spiritual alignment needed to assist anyone to align with their own greater potential. She has a rare gift of bringing forth the potential in you by really listening, instead of judging or making suggestions for you. I would highly recommend Ushmi to anyone in need of someone to walk along with them on their path to success. She already sees you as living your potential, helping you to get there sooner."   L. Hetland, Norway

1-1 Coaching

Blossom: Six week duration

  • 6 x 60 minutes video coaching calls

  •  E-coaching between calls

  • Check - in call (2 weeks after end of program)

  •  Each call will take place online via Skype or Zoom and can be recorded at your request

Investment: EUR 480.00  (EUR 80.00 per session)

(Payment Plan Available)

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To find out more, please contact me

  • 9 x 60 minutes video coaching sessions

  • E-coaching between sessions

  • Check - in call (2 weeks after end of program)

  • Access to custom designed support materials when necessary

  • Each call will take place online via Skype or Zoom and can be recorded at your request

  • 30% discount on future webinars (to be taken within a year of our last coaching session)


Investment: EUR 630.00  (EUR 70.00 per session)

(Payment Plan Available)

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Thrive: Three month duration

​To find out more about working together, you can schedule a complimentary online consultation here. 

Client Testimonials

In her role as coach not only does she truly listen but she gives continuous feedback which was core to ensure a solid foundation from which I could learn from. What I found absolutely vital was Ushmi's calm and compassionate being which encourages and forms a trusting and open conversation. This enabled me to really take on board what was being discussed and to look into myself to find the tools to pursue the life and person I wanted to evolve in to. I would recommend Ushmi to anyone who wants to do the same as with her guidance you will." - M. Castiel, U.K.

My last session with Ushmi was one of my most inspiring, as she reignited the idea within me that there is no such concept as the unachievable and that every dream is right at our finger tips, we just need to reach out and grab it. Since then I have been on a path to live and create my own vision - for that and many other things, I am very thankful and very lucky. - D.V. Dosaja, Kenya

"Coaching with Ushmi was an amazing experience. I went into it not really knowing where I needed to put my focus and came out of it with a really clear direction for my business and other aspects of my life.  She is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her!" - F. Barnfarther, U.K.

"Ushmi, in contemplating our journey over the past few weeks, I feel words are inadequate. I came to you knowing there was something to discover, to uncover and to explore. The support and nurture I sensed from the very first call gave me courage and a feeling of excitement.  The transformation and change has been so easy, effortless and empowering.  I no longer feel any urgency or neediness and there is a peace and acceptance I have never experienced before.   My growth is a journey & I have learnt to enjoy the ride while leaving anxiety behind.  THANK YOU.  I will be back!" - E. Oliver, New Zealand