rise & shine

I believe, we live in extraordinary times, as pockets of humanity, heed the call  to rise & to shine as leaders lit from within, seeking both the individual and collective transformation that creates the space for the good of all. 


Fuelled by an inner urge, we are being asked to gather our superpowers


of  creativity, intuition and authenticity


to become the catalysts for this transformation.


This is our potency and we are being called to own it. 


Yet, for many of us we have not been taught how to engage with this power


Deep seated cultural conditioning silently asks us to stay small


So we do, feeling trapped, unfulfilled and yearning for more


Leaving our gifts to the world on the wayside


As we become fearful


Question our worth and shrink from being seen 


As the potent forces of wonder we truly are


My work as a coach, is to support you on your journey of inner blossoming, in ways that allow you to know the freedom and meaning held within the bold and authentic outward expression of who you truly are.

Image by Blair Connolly


single call

You are shape-shifting and moving in the direction you are being called. Yet, you feel the need for more deliberate focus and support . This call is designed to provide clarity on the immediate next steps in the direction of  what and how you are creating. 


  60 minutes online coaching session

e-coaching for 2 weeks after session

check in call (2 weeks after call)

call via Zoom or Skype and optional recording

INVESTMENT:  130 Euros.

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Image by Jen Theodore


3 month duration

This is a customised program, designed to deep dive into your creative dreams and sculpt the framework as well as the type of nurture and support needed that help you bring them further into fruition. 


90 minutes visioning call 

9 x 60 minutes online coaching sessions

e-coaching between sessions

check in call (2 weeks after end of program)

custom designed support materials when necessary

calls via Zoom or Skype and optional recording


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What you can expect from our time together:

  •  a sense of clarity and refinement around your creative dreams and visions 

  • the freedom to take aligned action on what is most calling you now


  • the dissolution of old stories and patterns that stop you from gaining momentum and moving forward into the life you know you are meant to lead


  • becoming a master at using your e~motions as creational power 


  • the nourishment of your inherent radiance

  • the activation of your innate power


  • the strengthening of your connection with divine intelligence as well as your own inner and whole body wisdom ​


  • the fine tuning of your sovereign voice and its expression in the world ​

This work is uniquely tailored to you and draws upon the energy of your needs at the time.


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