The she of who i am becoming beckons

yet the lucidity of her invitation is obscure

so i shall drop, softly, into her mystery

and allow the enchantment of my curiosity

to seek her into form

the book of poetry

Bloom, in your own time


poems of unravelling & emergence

Leaning into the edge of my known humanity and fuelled by the desire to uncover more of the possibility of me, my curious and expectant mind asked the question 'who are you in your wonder?’ and my soul answered in a series of writings that has become my debut collection of poetry, ‘Bloom, in your own time.’ 


Written over a span of 3 years, the poems paint a journey of unravelling and the emergence of our true essence. They speak of wonder and magnificence, chaos and emergence, stories and sisterhood. But ultimately they are an invitation to both you and I to re-member ourselves to the wonder that is life and the knowing that we, as humans are indeed magical.

about me

poet & coach for the emerging woman

about me

I'm Ushmi, author, poet and coach for the emerging woman. 


A dreamer at heart and a believer in the vast possibilities of what it means to be human, I thrive on making manifest the latent potential that calls to each of us in our dreams still unborn and visions courageously held.

Knowing that these dreams and visions are the seeds of a new humanity that waits patiently for us, the dreamers, the visionaries, the mystics and the wild ones to bring it into being.

My North Star is the knowing that Life is a gift to be unwrapped with rapturous delight, as each one of us is too, and I use this to guide how I choose to live and who I choose to be.

spoken word

you are a force to be reckoned with

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