Ushmi Dosaja looking out of window
Life falling apart, is
divinity's way
of letting us know
the structures 
we have created
can no longer hold
the light 
we have become
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Welcome. I'm Ushmi Dosaja

Poet, Creative & Transformational Coach.
I believe that the big transitions of Life stop being something to fear when we orient to them as portals to our own becoming.  

My work helps you make that shift, so you can navigate these transitions 

in ways that honour the creative power, wisdom & vibrancy of who you are.

Your life is in transition

A new self is emerging.

You're standing at the unfamiliar edge where known meets unknown. Something is ending within you & that can feel like all shades of scary.

Perhaps you’re in a relationship that no longer serves you or you’re going through a career in transition. Maybe, you simply feel as if your Life needs an upgrade; an inexplicable pull that says things need to change.

My coaching supports you during these times of transition, giving you the tools and the space to re-connect with the most powerful parts of you. It helps you embrace the mystery & embody this new self with clarity, courage and capability.

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Coach with Me

Individual Online Coaching

With the right support & a large dose of curiosity you can alchemise times of transition into potent possibilities for who you are becoming.

With curiosity as our compass, coaching with me is a transformational journey. Aligning you to deeper awareness & your innate power, you will release the layers of identity that no longer feel authentic to you & embody the new ways of being that do, so you can confidently move through changing times.

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You decide on readiness to work together & choose between a single consultation or a 3 month journey


I help you turn the shift of your status quo into a gift for you and the world around you.

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What clients are saying

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"I met Ushmi during a time when there was a lot of change and disruption occurring through every level of my life.  What I found absolutely vital was Ushmi's calm and compassionate being which encourages and forms a trusting and open conversation. This enabled me to really take on board what was being discussed and to look into myself to find the tools to pursue the life and person I wanted to evolve in to. I would recommend Ushmi to anyone who wants to do the same as with her guidance you will."

M.Castiel. U.K.

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"Ushmi is an amazing coach with the spiritual alignment needed to assist anyone to align with their own greater potential. She has a rare gift of bringing forth the potential in you by really listening, instead of judging or making suggestions for you. I would highly recommend Ushmi to anyone in need of someone to walk along with them on their path to success. She already sees you as living your potential, helping you to get there sooner." 

L.Hetland. Norway

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Before working with Ushmi, I was looking for someone who would help me work on fear. I felt like Ushmi created a space where I could be myself and open up honestly as I was ready to make changes in my life.  I especially like the word 'stories' that she uses which gives me perspective and changes the internal conversations we normally have with ourselves.  After 4 sessions, I feel lighter,  present and grateful. Coaching has been fun, thought provoking and best of all it felt like I was doing it with a friend.

C.Hill. U.K.