You are a super creator. One who is on the path of creating your Life by your own design.

The status quo bores you or may even terrify you, because you know you are a different soul: one who does not fit in with the crowd, and although you may have tried to mould yourself to seem more normal (whatever that is) or likeable, you know in your heart there is more to who you are and what you can be.  

Infinitely more.

Perhaps you have latent gifts that you are feeling the call to express. Or you have a deep desire to make an even greater impact in the world and do not know where to start. Or maybe, it's simply the undefined call of more-ness you feel.


 I am here to tell you, the call is real and when you heed it, Life thanks you for it.


For it is the invitation unique to each of us that shows up as our creative impulses, the visions and dreams we hold for our world, and the small nudges that ask us to consider that there may be more to what we are living.


And when we say yes to it, we learn that it holds a kind of magic disguised as the superpowers inherent in the expression of our bliss, radiance and joy, calling us to do what it takes to get there, dissolving layer upon layer of who we are not, into the blossoming of who we truly are.

As a Coach & Mentor, I work with creatives, change~makers, mystics and wild ones: those who feel that they are here to make a difference, and know that this difference encompasses not only what they do in the world, but who they be.

Together we heed the call and journey your unique path of  becoming, aligning you to new levels of being, that allow you to unleash your brilliance and become a master of your autonomous self expression, so you can know the internal freedom, meaning and contribution that comes from the bold and authentic expression of who you truly are.

The search for meaning brought me to words, as if they were golden feathers of possibility falling off the wings of the divine, inviting us to fathom new flight into worlds unknown, where all we had ever dreamed of, waited patiently for our fervent consumption - Why I Write

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