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Bloom, in your Own Time


Ushmi Blooms

Bloom, in Your Own Time is the poetic journey of a woman emerging into her true essence.
Leaning into the edge of my known humanity and fuelled by the desire to uncover more of the possibility of me, my curious and expectant mind asked the question​

'who are you in your wonder?’
and my soul answered in a series of writings that has become my debut collection of poetry:

Bloom in your Own Time: A Collection of Poetry for the Emerging Woman.
Written over a span of 2 years and published in 2020, the poems paint a journey of unravelling and the emergence of wholeness.
They speak of wonder and magnificence, chaos, healing, stories and sisterhood.
But ultimately they are an invitation to both you and I to re-member ourselves to the wonder that is life and the knowing that at our core, we are made of magic.​
Available in Kindle, Paperback & Hardcover formats on Amazon.

Spoken Word

kind words

I have just finished reading the book … and I didn’t want the experience to end! These poems touch your spirit and activate it to take flight into the unknown, that with no name, the more of you… the true of you.

Touching, heart lifting beauty which inspires and delights!

Ushma Patel

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